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BizAus to open London Office


BizAus Australia’s newest business broker is opening an office in the United Kingdom.

BizAus is already active in the UK, with a number of specialist business migration agents representing BizAus business listings to intending UK residents looking to migrate to Australia under the Australian Permanent Residence Migration Provisions for a Business Person.

The Australian Government is very keen to attract business people from overseas with proven business experience to Australia and BizAus is sending Kelli Sadler to the UK with a brief to establish the BizAus UK office in London.

Kelli leaves for London on the 3rd of July and is looking forward to spending a busy month involving negotiations with new management, staff and the BizAus UK office space.

CEO of BizAus Phil Mussett said “Business immigration is growing rapidly with a large group of migration agents connecting UK business people to BizAus listings so it is a logical step to have a permanent office in the UK.

“Instead of just using our website to display business opportunities we will have our people negotiating directly with UK business people aided by the assistance of skilled migration agents who know and can rely on accurate information provided by BizAus.” Phil said.

Biz Aus London is the first part of a major international expansion plan and BizAus sees this service growing rapidly to many more countries including South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and throughout Asia.