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A business sale is also a numbers game

Buying a business always involves numbers and the preparation of these numbers can result in a good results or bad. This is not to say that numbers can be manipulated because strictly they can’t.

But numbers analyzed properly can reflect business trends and if presented skillfully will result in a higher selling price.

For example a business owner may show a buyer the last three trading statements over the last three years and the buyer bases an offer on these results to make an offer.

Another business owner provides the trading statements for the last three years but documents the future work that has been secured for the next twelve months. This owner has not manipulated the financials but added significant value to the business by offering the buyer a lower risk proposition.

The future estimates may be based on contractual agreements and the buyer sees the business in a whole new light, with low risk and the sale price increases accordingly.

The end result of properly prepared Facts and Figures is a better price.