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It's a big job owning a small business

You know what it's like … working long hours, no sick leave, minimal holidays and dealing with daily uncertainties. Then there can be the bad debts, chasing up money owed, bureaucratic red tape, and all whilst you try to lead a normal family life.

A small business owner is a superhuman, working when tired or unwell and often for as long as it takes. Even though it can be tough, it’s also a great job. The pride, satisfaction and reward of building a good business outweigh the negatives.

So when it comes time to sell, it is only reasonable to expect that the business is sold for what it is worth. Yet many businesses are sold for less.

It is vital that the same effort is applied to sell a business as has been applied to build the business. Your approach to putting together the information that presents your business in the best light is vital if you are to get just reward for all the years of hard work you have put in.

Remember the day you started your business. On that day you had a dream that you would take the risks and work hard because your efforts would one day pay off handsomely when you sold.

Now is the time to reflect on this and put the extra effort into the sale of your business.