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The realty check
Before you start assembling books and records, talking to brokers, and doing the other things that are needed to get your enterprise on the market, let’s begin with a simple exercise that will help you predict whether or not you’ll be able to sell your business.

Take a few moments to review and answer the following questions as honestly as you can.

Are you willing to accept the market price for your business, rather than having a figure - usually higher than market value - in mind, and insisting on that figure as the selling price? Are you prepared to do the tedious, sometimes difficult work of preparing your business for sale?

That includes pulling together a lot of information and having serious conversations with your landlord (if applicable), the franchisor (if applicable), and perhaps with employees and others.

Are you able to remain flexible throughout the process, changing your expected terms if you have the right buyer, but one who chooses to structure the deal in a different than you’d anticipated?

For example, even though you want an all-cash transaction, are you willing and able to finance a portion of the purchase price?

Are you willing to work cooperatively with experts in the field of business sales as they market your company, qualify buyers, manage negotiations, and advise about terms conditions of a sale?

Are you prepared to work with prospective buyers who are analysing your business before a sale, and with the successful buyer afterward? Are you able to view your business from the perspective of a buyer?

If you were looking for a business to purchase, one meant to provide you a reasonable income based on your investment of money, time and labor, would you be interested in a business like yours?

If you can answer these questions with an honest “yes,” it means you have a good chance of selling your business. If, however, you are not sure about the answers, or if you want to wait to “see what happens” when your business is offered to prospective buyers, it’s likely you aren’t prepared to make the commitment needed to achieve the status of “former owner.”